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make your recommendations – with youtube links to new and exciting tunes i should listen too.

blood. dont bombard me with your standard library


Luiz Azeredo  Luciano Azevedo  Ba Te er  Ryan Bader  Siyar Bahadurzada

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War Machine: cold busted at last…html?hpt=hp_t2

Money and pizza, he stole my exit plan! Police serve up EARLY STOPPAGE!


Mac Danzig  Karen Darabedyan Viacheslav Datsik Marcus Davis  Tony DeSouza 

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Available for the first time: Dual purpose shirt for MMA fans

The Rhonda Rousey walk IN AND OUT t-shirt.….html?src=mma1


Joachim Hansen Antoni Hardonk Dan Hardy Lee Hasdell Musse Hasselvall

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Jones – Cormier prefight scuffle


Andrew Gardner Tiki Ghosn Dennis George Kultar Gill Allan Goes

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Trainer Greg Jackson Supports Travis Browne Switching Camps Prior to UFC 181

Travis Browne, who became contender in the heavyweight division during his time at Jackson-Wink MMA in Albuquerque, N.M., has decided to spend the duration of his upcoming camp training with Edmond Tarverdyan in California. Browne will face Brendan Schaub at UFC 181 in Las Vegas on Dec. 6.


Kit Cope  Wesley Cabbage Correira  Patrick The Predator Côté  Randy The Natural Couture  Dan Cramer

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Bloodborne – Official Gamescom Demo Gameplay: Full Play-thru | PS4 Exclusive Action RPG


Luiz Buscapé Firmino Spencer Fisher Jon Fitch Kenny Florian Jesse Forbes

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[VIDEO] Ronda Rousey and Gilbert Melendez spar

UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is all healed up from a broken hand and got back to training recently with a Jiu Jitsu sparring session against No. 1 UFC lightweight contender Gilbert Melendez. Check out the video above for a beautiful display of good-natured but speedy grappling between Rousey and Melendez.

Melendez definitely has a size and strength advantage, but Rousey uses her speed and aggressiveness in scrambles to threaten with back control and arm bars. The former Judo Olympian seems able to get into position for an arm bar from anywhere, and it’s pretty cool to watch.

Check it out and let us know what other pro-fighter sparring sessions you’d enjoy getting a sneak peek at, if you could.

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Lee Hasdell Musse Hasselvall Daiki DJ taiki Hata He Peng David Heath

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Radar!! WTF, is up with your family?…stralia-529398

The Real Deliverance: Incest Hillbilly Family Discovered in Remote Australian Valley
Australian children deformed by decades of incest found in scenes akin to Deliverance movie

A disturbing incest cult has been found in New South Wales, Australia, where four generations of family inbreeding has left children deformed and mute.

In a scene reminiscent of the 1970s thriller Deliverance, the depraved relations of brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts created children that were incapable of speech, had odd features and lived in squalor.

The name of the valley has been kept secret and the family has been given the pseudonym of Colt to protect the identities of the children. It was only when residents of a nearby town reported that children were living in the hills that anyone realised what was happening.

Details were made public on the instruction of judges at the New South Wales Children’s Court.

In an example of the inhumane life experienced by the children, one nine-year-old girl was found who could not hear nor write or speak. She was unable to bathe or dry herself and did not know how to use a toilet.

A local resident said that people used to joke that "you’d be inbred" if you came from the valley in question.

He told the Sydney Daily Telegraph that he had watched two women with "about 10 children" get out of a car in his town.

"They were never clean looking," he said. There was "no electricity, no water, just scrub" where the families lived, he added.

‘I Will Never Get Over What I Saw There’

Police and childcare workers discovered the camp where 40 adults and children lived in two dirty caravans, two sheds and tents.

A police officer confided in her colleague that she would "never get over what I saw there".

Court documents revealed that the incest dated back to great-great grandparents who were brother and sister. The family continued to inbreed with the children having sex with each other as soon as they were of age.

The result was that the children were handicapped or impaired in some manner, leading to what the care officials called a "social timebomb exploding" before their eyes.

One child, named in court as Bobby, 15, had severe psoriasis, soiled his bed regularly and had the learning ability of a nursery-age toddler.

Another child, 14-year-old Kimberly, was severely underweight and unable to clean her teeth, comb her hair or use toilet paper.

The mother, Betty, had 13 children, fathered by various members of her family including her father, Tim, and brother, Charlie.

Since the discovery of the group, some of the children have been taken away from their parents and placed with new foster families. Others have been put into counselling and progress is being made with their schooling and hygiene, the paper reported.


Karen Darabedyan Viacheslav Datsik Marcus Davis  Tony DeSouza  Edwin Dewees 

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Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Bigfoot Silva 2 Fight Gif From Video UFC

Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Bigfoot Silva 2 Fight Gif From Video UFC Bigfoot vs. Arlovski 2. Click link here – Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Bigfoot Silva 2 Fight Gif From Video


Kendall Grove Clay Guida Jason Guida Melvin Guillard Cody Guinn

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we always knew Jones was a pure PR fake act but this shows how cunty he really is…ge-before-espn

JJ: "Hey pu**y, are you still there?"

DC: "I’m here, I’m here. You are just the fakest person. I actually admire that you can actually be this fake, and like, when the TV comes on, how you can just change. It’s like you’re a chameleon. It’s awesome."

JJ: "Hey, listen. I’m a professional. That fact that you’re a pu**y –

DC: "It’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable."

JJ: "The fact that you’re a pu**y hasn’t changed, but I am a professional."

DC: "It’s unbelievable how fake you can really be. Like, you are just such a f**king pussy. My god, it is amazing. It is amazing. But, you know, hats off to you. You’ve got a great P.R. person, they do a great job with training you because you are just terrible. You’re the f**king scum of the earth. You are a terrible human being, but you can sure turn it on, huh?"

JJ: "Thank you."

DC: "God, you f**king —

DC: "I wish they would let me next door so I could spit in your f**king face."

JJ: "You know I would absolutely kill you if you ever did something like that, right?"

DC: "You could never kill me."

JJ: "Oh, I bet you I could."

DC: "Then you should try, Jon. You really should try, Jon."

JJ: "I would literally kill you if you spit in my face."

DC: "Yeah, let’s try that, Jon."

JJ: "Literally kill you."

DC: "Let’s try that, Jon."

JJ: "I’m not saying I would fight you. I said I would kill you if you did some silly s**t like that."

DC: "Jon, do you think I’m just going to sit there and let you kill me, Jon? I mean really?"


Ian Freeman Don Frye Tony Fryklund Kazuyuki Fujita Masakatsu Funaki

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