[VIDEO] Marlon Wayans Fantasizes About Ronda Rousey on Conan, Continues to Be Unfunny

(Skip to the 2:50 mark to see what we’re talking about.)

Every time I hear that Marlon Wayans has another fart-joke-disguised-as-a-movie coming out, I have to remind myself that this is the man who wrote/starred in Don’t Be a Menace and Scary Movie or I’d probably walk into oncoming traffic. I mean, sure, Wayans has been relentlessly eroding our cultural understanding of things like “satire” and “parody” for over a decade now, but it’s hard to blame him when you realize how much money he is making to do so. Despite appearing to be a talentless hack like myself on the outside, Wayans is probably still a generally funny guy (unlike myself) on the inside, right?

Well, his recent appearance on Conan would seem to suggest otherwise. Apparently a big fan of our fair sport, Wayans recently appeared on Conan to promote his latest effort, Ghost Fart 2, and the topic eventually shifted to a tweet he had sent out about another Conan alum, women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. “This is hot!! Girl on girl! #ufc @ufc @rondaroussey I just wanna smell her training gloves and feet wraps…” wrote Wayans during Rousey’s staredown with Sara McMann, which the UFC bizarrely chose to retweet because hey! A sort-of famous person acknowledged us!

In any case, Conan called out Wayans for his tweet, and Wayans proceeded to discuss his fantasy of having Rousey armbar his penis. It was the kind of joke you’d expect from the guy who honestly thought White Chicks was a funny enough premise to run with for 90 minutes, and I fully expect either Rousey or Dana White to respond negatively to it in the coming days.

I apologize for wasting your time.

-J. Jones 

Source: http://www.cagepotato.com/video-marlon-wayans-fantasizes-about-ronda-rousey-on-conan-continues-to-be-unfunny/

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UFC Fight Night 41: CB Dollaway vs Francis Carmont co-main event booked for May 31 in Berlin


Middleweight melee!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has asked CB Dollaway and Francis Carmont to hook ‘em up in the co-headlining attraction for the upcoming UFC Fight Night 41 event, which takes place inside O2 World Arena in Berlin, Germany, scheduled for May 31, 2014, live on Fight Pass.

The promotion announced the booking earlier today.

Dollaway (14-5) is fresh off a stunning knockout victory over Cezar Ferreira at last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 39 event in Brazil. His upset over "Mutante" got him back into the win column after a questionable split-decision loss to Tim Boetsch back at UFC 166.

"The Doberman" has nine finishes in 14 wins.

Carmont (22-8) suffered the first loss of his Octagon career when he was pushed around by Ronaldo Souza at UFC Fight Night 36 last month in Brazil. In fact, it was the first time the Parisian had tasted defeat in 11 fights, having not seen the loss column since 2008.

"Limitless" will need another streak like that to get back into the title hunt.

UFC Fight Night 41 will be headlined by a five-round middleweight main event featuring Mark Munoz vs. Gegard Mousasi. Elsewhere on the card, Luke Barnatt takes on fellow 185-pounder Sean Strickland, while Pawel Pawlak and Peter Sobotta throw hands in welterweight action.

Source: http://ninjashoes.net/forum/showthread.php?82679-UFC-Fight-Night-41-CB-Dollaway-vs-Francis-Carmont-co-main-event-booked-for-May-31-in-Berlin&goto=newpost

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Attn – Snake!!


so im perusing this site and it pans out i can get a pair of twins gloves and a pair of twins shin pads delivered from thailand for £100. now my local stockist of these things would charge around £150.

so – any experience on import tax on stuff from thailand? alternatively got an alternative recommendation?!

Source: http://ninjashoes.net/forum/showthread.php?82607-Attn-Snake!!&goto=newpost

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Results: Boxing Play-by-Play & Live Updates

Sherdog.com’s Mike Sloan reports live from Las Vegas with real-time Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley round-by-round updates.

Source: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Manny-Pacquiao-vs-Timothy-Bradley-Results-Boxing-PlaybyPlay-Live-Updates-66115

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Buying this Mustang GT!

Posting this in the pub because nobody looks into the automotive forum except the google bot lol.

So I found this cool 1999 Mustang GT 5-speed… 110k miles on the body, but it’s got a brand new engine from Ford that was manufactured in June 2013 complete with 3-year/100,000 mile warranty. Less than 1,000 miles on it. Everything’s solid on this car, no rust or anything. It drives like a fuckin’ boss. Really loud and throaty Borla catback exhaust system too. Just wanted to share with my ninjas. This thing’s perfect, I’m pumped! Gonna baby this thing so it lasts.

$6,995 which considering the engine and it’s warranty is a total steal. Just need to get some cobra wheels on there sometime soon… these stock ones are a little cheesy.


Source: http://ninjashoes.net/forum/showthread.php?82441-Buying-this-Mustang-GT!&goto=newpost

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Ronda says she has the best striking in Womens MMA



“My MMA striking is the best in the game,” said Rousey.

"With judo I spent so many years with a certain posture that the hardest thing was adjusting it.”

“I’ve reached a certain level of competition where what’s required out of striking to come into the clinch to grapple is a lot more complicated than at the lower levels. It requires much more high-level footwork and striking to be able to use grappling at all.”

No woman in the UFC has yet to score a knockdown due to a standing strike, but Rousey said all it needs is time.

“It’s a younger side of the sport that’s still developing,” said Rousey. “It’s going to need a little more time before we can reach the same standard the guys are at because they had a big head start.”

Ronda Rousey possesses arguably the most dangerous ground game in women’s mixed martial arts. However, the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship women’s bantamweight titleholder thinks her striking is equally effective.

Rousey has worked diligently to raise her comfort level on her feet ahead of Saturday’s UFC 170 pay-per-view headliner vs. Sara McMann in Las Vegas. That work has paid off after a brief period of stand-up training, Rousey says, and she thinks her skills have surpassed those of her peers.

"My MMA striking is the best in the game," Rousey told USA TODAY Sports.

It’s a bold claim ahead of a historic title defense, one in which Olympic medalists meet in the UFC for the first time. Rousey (8-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC), a 2008 judo bronze medalist, meets McMann (7-0, 1-0), a 2004 wrestling silver medalist.

Rousey, 27, has earned all of her career wins via armbar submission but continues to expand her horizons and target what was once a weakness. She is an athlete who has put in years on the mat, so adjusting to punches, kicks, knees and elbows is a difficult task. It also is one Rousey enjoys.

FTW: Fans invited to UFC 170 pre-fight events

"It definitely is a challenge," she said. "With judo I spent so many years with a certain posture that the hardest thing was adjusting it."

The shift from hurling a judo opponent through the air to knocking her out with a punch is no easy feat. Rousey has found success, though, and her offensive and defensive striking statistics over her last six fights hover right around the UFC average.

While Rousey intends to bolster those stats, as she feels more comfortable standing, don’t expect her to completely abandon what got her to this point. In the end, she says, she’ll always possess the instincts of judoka, which means striking will be used to better her chances of taking a fight to the mat.

"I’ve reached a certain level of competition where what’s required out of striking to come into the clinch to grapple is a lot more complicated than at the lower levels," Rousey said. "It requires much more high-level footwork and striking to be able to use grappling at all."

As a whole, the level of striking in women’s UFC fights is still a notch below what you’ll find in the men’s weight classes. Since the adoption of the women’s division in early 2013, a female UFC fighter has yet to score a knockdown due to a standing strike.

The exact reasoning for the lack of knockdowns is difficult to pinpoint, but from Rousey’s perspective, it’s a product of women’s MMA still being in its infancy.

"It’s a younger side of the sport that’s still developing," she said. "It’s going to need a little more time before we can reach the same standard the guys are at because they had a big head start."

Saturday’s bout against McMann marks Rousey’s third title defense since she was appointed UFC champion in early 2013. Some titleholders get more complacent as their reigns go on, but Rousey remains on her toes. She thinks McMann could be her toughest test yet and, despite the growing confidence in her overall game, she can’t take any opponent — especially this one — for granted.

"I approach every fight like I’m fighting for a new belt," Rousey said. "It doesn’t matter who you’re fighting. You don’t start with an extra score on the scoreboard because you won the last fight."

Source: http://ninjashoes.net/forum/showthread.php?82457-Ronda-says-she-has-the-best-striking-in-Womens-MMA&goto=newpost

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Rich Franklin to work for ONE FC?

Rich said in his FB page he’s going to One FC’s HQ in the next week to talk about becoming their VP. As they offered him a position a while back.

He said Dana and Lorenzo had given him their blessing, and to expect more news in the coming weeks.

Interesting stuff indeed.

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Source: http://www.mmaforum.com/ufc/169345-rich-franklin-work-one-fc.html

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Know your ENEMY aka BEAST who is destroying your Minds

Source: http://ninjashoes.net/forum/showthread.php?82405-Know-your-ENEMY-aka-BEAST-who-is-destroying-your-Minds&goto=newpost

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Rousey vs. Carano set for UFC 175

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by Chris Palmquist |

For the past several weeks, rumors have been floating around the MMA media that the UFC was pursuing Gina Carano for a return to the Octagon.
Carano openly stated that she would definitely be interested in a return, but UFC President Dana White refuted the claim that they were negotiating.
But tonight on a special edition of UFC Tonight, White joined the cast and officially announced that Carano had indeed signed to return to the UFC. And not only had she signed, but she would be immediately put into a title fight versus champion
Ronda Rousey at UFC 175 as the co-main event.
UFC 175 is headlined by a middleweight title fight between Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machid and takes place in Las Vegas on July 5th.
“This is a huge moment for UFC and especially women’s MMA. We feel like this could be the most watched UFC fight ever,” said White.
Carano has been out of mixed martial arts since 2009, a loss to Cris Cyborg. Despite the layoff, she is being thrust directly into the title fight as the UFC likely did not want to risk devaluing the fight should Carano take and lose a warmup fight.
And if that wasn’t enough, White then announced that the two would also square off in the first ever, ‘bikinis only, jello MMA match.’ The UFC already received approval from the NSAC to hold this special rules match.
Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada Commission, spoke to the Underground about the fight: “We are very excited to help the UFC usher in this new breed of combat sports and look forward to a new exciting kind of MMA that fans of all ages and backgrounds can get behind.”
So there you have it. The UFC again made history and announced what is sure to be the most epic UFC bout of all-time.​

Source: http://ninjashoes.net/forum/showthread.php?82705-Rousey-vs-Carano-set-for-UFC-175&goto=newpost

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Diego Sanchez is the worst fighter ever

Diego is horrific, admittedly before I ever tried kickboxing I didn’t really know what I was looking at even though I had watched MMA for a decade.

Don’t get me wrong the guy has great grappling and cardio but his striking is the worst I have ever seen.

He doesn’t seem to know how to throw a punch. He throws these weird short Wing Chun punches while rushing forward like a mentally disabled kid. He doesn’t seem to understand the concept of footwork and doesn’t know how to step forward with his cross after stepping forward with a jab. Instead he just plows forward trying to force his opponent into a brawl because it’s the only way he knows how to get his punches to connect.

I thought I saw him flinching and closing his eyes a little while rushing in which is a sure sign of a noob who thinks he’s gonna get damaged more than he actually will.

He doesn’t seem to understand lateral movement either and I am surprised he hasn’t been KO’d many times by fighting that way, he must have a good chin plus he hasn’t really fought anyone with heavy hands besides Gomi who was robbed for being Asian.

Even Koscheck outboxed him and Koscheck has embarrassing striking as well.

Only reason I am being so hard on him is because he used to compare himself to Fedor just because he was undefeated against cans early in his career.

He’s seriously the worst striker I have seen compete on such a high level. He looks like he belongs back in the Mark Coleman days when grapplers couldn’t strike at all.

Diego sucks really bad and should be ashamed of himself for being in the sport for so long and looking like someone who started kickboxing 3 months ago.

The worst part was when he started slipping punches like he was trying to show off like he’s Ali or something then suddenly starts rushing straight forward again throwing his little T-Rex punches that land a foot short.

I am not trying to act tough or toot my horn in any way but I am seriously 100% confident that I could beat Diego standing and I fuckin suck, it’s just because he actually sucks worse and no I am not drunk.

Burns calling him a barroom brawler is giving him too much credit. A barroom brawler would probably KO Diego because they actually would throw their body weight into their punches.

Diego is a short bus playground style sissy puncher not a barroom brawler.

Source: http://ninjashoes.net/forum/showthread.php?82599-Diego-Sanchez-is-the-worst-fighter-ever&goto=newpost

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