James Cagney Has Better Armbar Than Ronda

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ATTN Resin

A follow up on the text messages.


He fought most of his early fights high, like the time he lasted 11 minutes with Jose Aldo. He was really high for that one. "I’d smoke it out of a bong," Brookins says. "Damn near some dudes used to tell me it feels like a hit of Sherman Hemsley, PCP. I was super addicted to it, and it’s a huge rush. It’s a huge, giant spike of this weed, and I based my life around it."

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Edge Of Tomorrow

I hate Tom Cruise with a passion, but I’m watching the previews for "Grudge Match" and that preview blew my mind.

Anyone else have their eye on this one?

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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES – Official Trailer (2014)

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Nate Diaz speaks out about UFC ‘con,’ Dana White responds

So, UFC lightweight contender Nate Diaz isn’t very happy with his contract. If you couldn’t glean that from his tweet requesting his release from the UFC in February, his first interview since beating Gray Maynard last November made it clear.

“I’m ready to fight but not for some funny money that they’re trying to give me,” Diaz recently told MMA Fighting.

“They can let me go or they can let me fight, but let me do something. They know I need to make some money. I feel like they’re just trying to keep me on the waiting list. I don’t even want to communicate through anybody. If they want to figure out what’s going on, we should talk. No one is contacting me. I’m just doing my thing. Training every day. I’m ready to fight tomorrow.

“They need to be about more money. My contract is all [expletive] up. I want to be paid like these other fighters. I’m over here getting chump change. At this point, they’re paying all my partners and other people I train with are getting real money, and it’s too embarrassing for me to even fight again for the money they’re paying me. So they can either pay me or let me go. I’m with that.

“I train harder than everybody in the UFC. And then there’s boxers out there getting multimillion dollar contracts, and I’m a bigger draw than boxers. It’s embarrassing. I think I’m the biggest draw in the lightweight division. I feel like they’re trying to weed me out of the top 10. I saw that I went from no. 5 to 6 in the rankings, for some reason. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Diaz says that his brother Nick and training partner Gilbert Melendez now make a great deal more money than he does, though he believes that even they don’t get all they deserve from the UFC.

“I don’t get paid [expletive], and I’m about to tell the world. I didn’t like what my brother and my partners got paid. Now that they got a better contract, which still ain’t [expletive], it blows what I get out of the water. And they deserve triple what they get. I’ve been in the UFC for eight years and never turned down a fight. It’s not like I’m getting paid 20 bucks an hour and they’re getting 50 bucks an hour. I’m getting 20 bucks an hour and they’re getting paid 15,000 bucks an hour. They blow me out the water. At this point, I can’t even go to lunch with my partners because if we start talking about contracts or our business, I don’t have anything but bitter [expletive] to say. We’re entertaining entertainers. We get Shaq, Justin Bieber and Lil’ Jon at the show. How are we entertaining billionaires and we can’t even get [expletive]?

“My partners still make [expletive] money for what the company is bringing in. They’re happy because they’re not getting paid what they used to get paid, so they get little chunks to shut up. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t get paid [expletive]. I get $60,000 [to show] and $60,000 [to win]. If I were doing this for the fame, I would have quit seven years ago. I can’t tell you what my brother and Gil make, but I can tell you that they signed a contract for more than I get paid to headline and win a fight, and that’s bull-[expletive]. So you understand where I’m coming from? I can’t even fight for the money they’re offering me. So I ask to get released because I can’t fight there for that.”

Diaz went so far as to say that the UFC “conned” him into signing his last contract. The fighter claimed that he signed that contract with the UFC just weeks before fighting Benson Henderson for the lightweight title, a fight he would go on to lose in a lopsided five-round decision.

After fighting Henderson, Diaz got TKO’d by Josh Thomson, but then rebounded with a nasty KO win over Gray Maynard. Three fights into his new contract, Diaz has had enough of it and wants to renegotiate.

He claimed that the UFC told him that they would renegotiate with him after a couple fights if he just signed that new contract before taking on Henderson. Predictably, UFC president Dana White had a much different message in response to Diaz’s complaints.

“Nate Diaz came in and signed a new deal and was very happy with his new deal. We gave him a shot at the title and he lost to Benson Henderson. If he would have won, obviously his deal would have changed if he became champion, which he did not. Then he got stopped by Thomson. Thomson finished him,” White said.

“Now he comes off a win over Gray Maynard and feels like he should be making Justin Bieber money. Nate needs to get back in there and start fighting, win fights again and earn a title shot again.

“Guess how much money he makes sitting at home? Zero. Get back to work, Nate.”

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James Cagney Has Better Armbar Than Ronda

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Ok, so I actually watching TNA

This is some of the weirdest shit I have ever seen.

I don’t recognize any of these people besides Kurt Angle and MVP.

The ring work at the beginning was pretty good. I can’t believe this stalker character that dresses like Dexter Morgan, I was laughing REALLY hard.

The look and feel of the show is strange. It doesn’t feel like any wrestling org I have ever watched. I actually heard someone use the term "pro wrestler" instead of "Superstar".

As much as I wanted to hate TNA and shit all over it, I was kinda entertained.

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Joe Rogan: Ronda Rousey beats Floyd Mayweather by ‘manipulating him in a way he doesn’t understand’ (Video)

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Rematch with Eddie Alvarez motivates Patricky Freire to win Bellator tournament

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UFC releases Jake Shields


After a little over three years, Jake Shields’ UFC run has come to an end.

The former welterweight contender has been released by the promotion, his manager Lex McMahon of Alchemist Management confirmed with MMAFighting.com.

McMahon released the following statement to MMAFighting.com Monday morning:

"Jake Shields has been released by the UFC. Jake appreciates the opportunities provided by the UFC and thanks Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita. Jake is an elite athlete who is one of the best welterweight fighters in the world with a long history of winning at a championship level.

"Jake and our team are already exploring options. I’m confident that Jake will have a new promotion to call home very soon. Jake thanks his fans for their support and looks forward to competing for them again soon."

Shields (29-7-1, 1 NC) most recently lost a unanimous decision to Hector Lombard at UFC 171 last month. The loss snapped a four-fight unbeaten streak for the 35-year-old. He made his Octagon debut at UFC 121 in Oct. 2010, defeating Martin Kampmann via split decision. His next fight was against Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight title at UFC 129 in what is still the highest-grossing event in the organization’s history. Over 55,000 people attended the event at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, and the gate was over $12 million. Both remain records.

Shields, who made his MMA debut in 1999, is a former EliteXC welterweight champion and Strikeforce middleweight champion. Arguably his highest-profile win came when he defeated Dan Henderson on CBS. He signed with the UFC following that win and went 4-3 with 1 no contest inside the Octagon. His no contest came after he failed a post-fight drug test for an undisclosed reason following his UFC 150 win over Ed Herman in Aug. 2012.

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