kmall got pranked


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Zuffa puts entire UFC 175 event on Youtube for free.

Somebody fucked up good and is getting fired for this.

I’m kind of pissed. Can I get my $55 back? I paid $55 for an event that has a fight cancelled and then is given away for free immediately?


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UFC Glitches


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David Sereda next saturday LIVE

on end of days radio….. at


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PB’s Founders now in prison

Looks like the bastards finally got em’

Long live PB!

If you haven’t seen TPB AWK [The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard] then check it out. Can also be downloaded from Pirate Bay of course.. enjoy


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Christopher Walken Voice Over For Jon Jones Highlight Video

Christopher Walken Voice Over For Jon Jones Highlight Video.


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If you pick a fight, make sure you know all the variables


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WSOF’s Justin Gaethje: I’d rather prove myself as best in the world than make a million dollars

Justin Gaethje is desperate to prove himself. He’s undefeated in seven amateur mixed martial arts and 11 professional bouts and is so aggressive, so focused, that “he’s like a wild animal who just wants to tear your head off,” said Ali Abdelaziz, the vice president of the World Series of Fighting.

Gaethje is the WSOF lightweight champion but is almost like the B side in his title defense Saturday against Nick Newell on NBC in Daytona Beach, Fla. Newell is a one-handed fighter and has received enormous media attention and support from the fan base.

A win over the unbeaten Newell will do much for Gaethje’s career, but it won’t do exactly what he wants, because Newell is also unproven at the highest level of competition.

A former All-American wrestler at Northern Colorado, Gaethje is so desperate to be recognized as the best lightweight in the world, regardless of promotion, that he’s willing to go to virtually any length to prove it.

He said he would eschew a massive payday if he were given the chance to fight UFC champion Anthony Pettis, who is widedly regarded now as the greatest 155-pound fighter on the planet.

“I would rather prove I’m the best in the world than be paid a million dollars to fight someone and not be recognized [as the best],” Gaethje said. “If that makes me crazy, then I’m crazy, I guess, but I don’t care. I believe I am the best in the world and my mission is to prove it. If I beat these guys and keep winning, sooner or later I’m going to be in there against the guys everyone else considers to be the best, whether it’s in the UFC, Bellator or in the World Series.”

Nick Newell challenges Justin Gaethje Saturday for the WSOF lightweight title.Gaethje’s life has changed since he realized he had the talent it took to fighting at the highest level. When he was wrestling in college, making weight was always a challenge.

He wrestled at 157 pounds his first three years, and competed at 149 as a senior. But he’d cut to 149 from 171 pounds.

“I wasn’t aware of what I was doing to my body [in college] and how much it took out of me,” Gaethje said. “I never went to practice to get better. It was always to cut weight.”

But when he decided to turn pro as an MMA fighter, things changed, even though his diet wasn’t what one would think a professional athlete’s should be.

He made so little money from fighting in his early days fighting that he would routinely eat at McDonald’s.

“Since I’ve signed with the World Series, I’ve actually had money to go out and buy my own food instead of depending upon the Dollar Menu [at McDonald's],” Gaethje said. “I wouldn’t eat for long periods and then I’d go eat soemthing horrible for me. But now, I have the money to buy the good food, and I don’t snack on a ton of junk food like I used to.”

As he’s taken better care of his body, it’s taken better care of him. He is 11-0 with nine knockouts and one submission as a pro. As an amateur, he was 7-0 with four knockouts and two submissions.

His wrestling has transitioned well to MMA, but he’s a banger who loves to score highlight reel knockouts.

Gaethje, 25, had nothing but compliments about Newell and said he has no problem with Newell getting the majority of the attention, despite the fact that he’s the champion.

But he doesn’t feel any sympathy for Newell and plans to put a serious beatdown on him.

“I’m not going to change my style ever,” Gaethje said. “I’m coming forward, going to push the pace and try to blow everyone away with a big knockout. I’m looking to knock Nick’s head off. I’ll keep him from taking me down. I might make some mistakes because I take chances, but I love to put on a show and so I’m not going to stop trying. I promise you, you’re going to go, ‘Oh my God,’ when you see how I finish this.”


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Nates gf isnt happy about the rumours this chick was spreading. (PC Maker thread)


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Anybody else think Bellator was Pathetic last night?

Sokoudjou and Thompson both looked like shit! Their opponents were weak, and finishes were just plain boring. Only real highlight was the mexican kid on the undercard that beat shawn bunch awhile ago, and the guy he KOed is 0-2 now. And what the fuck happened in the Main Event? That guy wasn’t defending the choke, and wasn’t even getting choked when he tapped! Announcer was all "I think he had his nose covered, no guess not." WTF?


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