Whitley Strieber Opens Up About Aliens and His Implant Goes Off

ninja note – happens at about 36 minutes

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Just a thought, nothing original

I’ve been looking for God my whole life and so far what I’ve found is people referring to books written by men and telling stories that were handed down as though fact, when what they’re really doing is simply repeating what they’ve been told… and these (holy) stories always differ depending on what part of the world they happened to be born.

I do know that no disease has killed more humans than those who have died in the name of religion, so I live my life the way I believe a good and loving person should. If God does in fact exist, wonderful, but I’m going to do the right thing as much as I can either way. My point is, people can and should be doing that regardless, and if we can all agree to do that then there will be no more wars… and a lot more laughter and happiness.

Not trying to start a debate here, but I live in what’s known as the Bible Belt and I just needed a place to write down how I feel at this moment. If I posted this on FB I believe I would be shunned and my family would suffer because of it.

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UFC 189 Fight Videos From Chad Mendes vs. Conor McGregor

Check back tonight for all the fight videos from UFC 189 Chad Mendes vs. Conor McGregor event in Las Vegas. Check this link tonight for UFC 189 Fight Videos Chad Mendes vs. Conor McGregor Please Visit Their Sponsors While There. UFC 189 pay-per-view (PPV) main event, which takes place later tonight (Sat., July 11, 2015) […]

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[Replay Alert] BAMMA 21

Here’s the links:


Haven’t watched it yet, but I intend to.


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Manhoef vs lawler: Early throwback Thursday


Mmashare put this on Fb today so I fig in light of this weekend id share. What a war

Ps u guys should join the group, we have some laughs. But ninjashoes over everything y’all know this.

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A thread about Reebok weak threads

The seams on the shorts look pretty weak….. or are fighters ripping them to LOOK cheap?

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Jose Aldo threatens to sue Sonnen & UFC over “rib roast”


Reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo has been asking Chael Sonnen to STFU for several years and to the surprise of no one, "The American Gangster" has ignored his request.

Because that would be no fun. No fun at all.

But now "Junior" is taking it one step further, recently threatening to file a defamation suit against the retired middleweight mauler after Sonnen questioned the legitimacy of the rib injury that kept Aldo from competing against Conor McGregor in the UFC 189 main event.

From his "You’re Welcome!" podcast (via Sports Joe):

"I get a phone call. So I answer it on the car speaker. It’s a lawyer from Brazil threatening to sue me for defamation. Her client? Jose Aldo. They said, ‘we won’t sue you if you stop talking about it.’ I said, ‘Hold on, I’ll go a step further than that, if I said it and it’s not true, I’ll give them an apology.’ I don’t want to go around saying the guy put out two X-rays if that’s not true, but I’m a little confused here. I parroted this information, I heard it and I repeated it, so where did this story come from? I heard this at a UFC press conference. The attorney said, ‘yeah, well pay attention in the next few days, you won’t hear the UFC saying it anymore because before we called and threatened you with a lawsuit, we called and threatened them with a lawsuit.’ I have to assume he’s telling the truth. Jose Aldo is threatening to sue me and claims that he threatened to sue the UFC. That’s a pretty big bluff. That’s a big enough bluff that I think he’s telling the truth."

If Sonnen goes down, UFC goes down with him!

Well, that’s according to the mysterious attorney who dug up Sonnen’s cell phone number and put him on blast for his recent rib roast. But in defense of the part-time fight analyst, the "Aldo isn’t really that hurt" rhetoric came from UFC President Dana White, perhaps sour over the money wasted on promoting a fight that wasn’t happening (yet).

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Dana White: ‘When they were booing, the fighters deserved it’ – UFC 188


It might have been the high altitude in Mexico City, but apart from the main fights of the evening, there have been quite a few lackluster affairs at last Saturday’s UFC 188 pay-per-view event. Particularly Cathal Pendred vs. Augusto Montano and Tecia Torres vs. Angela Hill raised lots of boos from the disappointed Mexican crowd.

UFC president Dana White usually very quick to criticize a booing crowd, told members of the media at the post-fight press conference, that he agreed with every single boo this time.

"It was an educated crowd. You know how happy that makes me to be in Mexico City, Mexico, and when a guy steps over and gets side control, they cheer? And when they were booing, they deserved to boo. I didn’t disagree with one f—ing boo that happened tonight. When they were booing, [the fighters] deserved to be booed."

A reporter asked White, if he thought of the Mexican audience as one of the tougher crowds of late. But White denied:

"It was a very educated crowd, and a huge moment for us — huge moment for me because I’ve been waiting for so long to get into Mexico. And then when the main event started, there was not one…when this thing sold out, when you talk about a sell out, there’s a lot of times we’ll sell out an arena and there’ll be some single seats left. There wasn’t one single seat left in this arena. Completely sold out. And in the main event, I don’t know if any of you looked around, packed to the rafters and everybody had their lights on. It was awesome, man. It wasn’t a tough crowd, it was an educated crowd. Amazing."

The UFC managed to pack 20,000 people into Mexico City’s Arena Ciudad de Mexico, for their big heavyweight title unification bout between new undisputed champion Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez.

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Real Preppers Should Have Body Armor!

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Ronda Rousey’s mother laments dishonest ‘bubble’ around her daughter


Bantamweight world champion Ronda Rousey seems very close and connected to her judo world champ/Ph.D. mother, Ann Maria DeMars, as well as the rest of her family. When asked after UFC 190 what was most memorable about her latest victory, the champ spoke of having the resources and time to bring her family with her to Brazil to enjoy a vacation afterwards.

Suffice to say, Ronda is a family woman, among other things. She smartly still seems to rely on her mom’s advice for things in and out of the cage.

In a recent post on her excellent blog, Rousey’s mom spoke glowingly about her daughter and how grounded she’s stayed despite her wealth and fame. However, DeMars also expressed some pretty blunt worry about the types of people Rousey sometimes allows inside her circle.

"I’m her mom so of course I think Ronda Jean is a whole cupcake of amazing, frosted with awesome sauce and sprinkles of sweetness on top," she wrote.

"However, I think some of the people she hangs out with are douche bags."

DeMars went on to admiringly describe how Rousey was up babysitting for family late into the night just hours before she recently appeared on Good Morning America, and how she picks up nieces from school, just like any non-famous, excellent aunt might do. However, the former world champion also said that she believes the current UFC champ is starting to have a bubble develop around her where people are afraid to tell Ronda the truth, even when she needs to hear it.

"Here is what I see. The more famous, wealthy or successful you get, the more people are afraid of you. Most people are not fabulously famous, etc. so you end up with a lot of people around you whose major quality to offer to the world is that they are associated with YOU," she continued.

"No matter how wonderful anyone is, they will do stupid s— from time to time.

"The difference if you are rich and famous is that people don’t call you on your s—.

"Sometimes, people will say to me privately that they disagree with some decision Ronda has made. They might go on at length and in great detail. When I suggest that they tell Ronda that to her face, they make a lot of excuses. One person even suggested that I go with him when he talked to her. I refused, even though I agreed with his opinions. He’s a grown man but he’s afraid that if he disagrees with her then she won’t let him hang around any more and he won’t get to be a big shot.

"Frankly, the whole thing makes me sick."

Given how awkward and potentially conflict-causing a public post like this could be, one has to imagine or at least hope it is because DeMars has sincere concern for her daughter as she becomes one of the most famous and wealthy athletes in the world. Here’s hoping that Ronda stays Ronda, and that none of the common pitfalls of the rich and famous ever befall her; right now, she’s doing a pretty damn good job of setting an example to follow.


Source: http://www.mmaforum.com/ufc/215169-ronda-rouseys-mother-laments-dishonest-bubble-around-her-daughter.html

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