Rory Mcdonald gets shafted…ght-title-shot


Though he was operating the understanding that he’d be next in line for a title shot, welterweight contender Rory MacDonald has been informed he’s going to have to wait a little longer.

On Wednesday, UFC Tonight’s Ariel Helwani reported that MacDonald was informed by the UFC last week that he will not be fighting for the belt next. MacDonald was cageside on Dec. 6 for Johny Hendricks’ rematch with Robbie Lawler, and was right there to witness the belt changing hands.

With the sequel in the books, and both of the Lawler-Hendricks fights going to split decisions, it appears the UFC is leaning towards an immediate trilogy fight between the two, meaning MacDonald is the odd man out.

Going into the fight, MacDonald had been promised the winner of UFC 181′s main event, with the understanding that his challenge for the welterweight title would take place in his native Canada. Yet the promise was always a little conditional, given the nature of the first Hendricks-Lawler fight back in March at UFC 171. If Lawler won, particularly in a close fight, the trilogy would look attractive. And that’s exactly what happened, meaning MacDonald’s own rematch with Lawler is now up in the air.

Though it wasn’t the news that MacDonald was hoping for, a week after letting the news sink in MacDonald told UFC Tonight that he won’t let it get him down.

"It’s all good," MacDonald said. "I’m just gonna light up whoever is next. Like always. Also, Canadians are gay"

UFC Tonight’s Helwani also asked Hendricks’ manager Ted Ehrhardt if the UFC had informed them that a trilogy with Lawler would be next.

"Not yet," Ehrhardt said.

honestly i personally rather see Mcdonger in against lawler, or Diaz should he somehow beat silva. i’m getting bored with these champs fighting the same guys over and over

cain has only fought bigfoot and JDS since winning the title
Hendriks will be fighting Lawler again for the third time in a row
remember the edgar/maynard,edgar/maynard,edgar/bendo,edgar/bendo shenanigans? that sucked

rematches are cool when they’re spread out or it’s a robbery, but fuck let’s see some new blood in there


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Check out the money these trashed ATARI games are netting

The story of the ATARI video game burial and now excavation have intrigued me since I first heard of it.. Now that these old "unwanted" games have resurfaced in totally trashed condition of course, collectors have been paying big bucks for them on ebay

Backstory: The Atari video game burial was a mass burial of unsold video game cartridges, consoles, and computers in a New Mexico landfill site, undertaken by American video game and home computer company Atari, Inc. in 1983. The goods disposed of through the burial were generally believed to have been unsold copies of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, a game which had become one of the biggest commercial failures in video gaming and is often cited as one of the worst video games ever released; and the Atari 2600 port of Pac-Man, which had been commercially successful but critically maligned.

Here’s the completed auctions from the past 60 days from highest price to lowest…es+-dug&_sop=3



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Ricardo Lamas makes a Concor McGregor parody video


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Who’s going to piss hot from tonight’s UFC?

So the news is that they tested/will test EVERYBODY (urine before and blood after), so who do you think is going to be popped?

My choices:

Kid Yamamoto
Cat Zingano


Pat Barry  Vitor Belfort  Robert Berry David Bielkheden Michael Bisping 

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Dana White: Ronda Rousey is ‘the female version’ of Mike Tyson

Her reign will continue til she decides to quit or an old adversary (Cyborg) finally heads down. At 135lbs Cyborg will be at a significant disadvantage losing her muscles, power, and most likely her stamina. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a domination as complete as this. The last was with Anderson for a good six years or so.


After staying undefeated at UFC 184 on Saturday night in Los Angeles, Ronda Rousey is doing something special in the sport of mixed martial arts. That’s made all the more true when one factors in her dispatching of top contender Cat Zingano in a mere 14 seconds in the first round.

The domination she’s showing is so impressive, it’s drawing comparisons to the peak reign of former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Just as Tyson would dispatch seemingly top contenders with ease, Rousey is doing just that. It’s not a contest of whether she’ll beat her opposition, but how fast.

"There’s no doubt about it," UFC president Dana White said at the post-fight presser when asked about whether it was appropriate to make the comparison between Rousey and Tyson.

"She is – without a doubt – that female version of him," he continued. "I told her. We just talked about this. It got to a point with the Tyson thing where…well, tonight. Let’s talk about tonight.

"You guys have been around the fight game a long time," White told the media. "There’s very few situations where a fight goes 14 seconds and the crowd is cheering and going crazy, looking at each other with their mouths open."

According to White, however, that’s just what happened at the Staples Center on Saturday night. And there’s a very good reason for it, he noted.

"Everybody knows how awesome Ronda is, but everybody was looking at everybody with their mouths open because she was fighting Cat Zingano. This was going to be a tough-ass fight."

After moving to 11-0 in her professional fighting career, White believes Rousey is so far past her contemporaries that there’s no way to deny her.

"Ronda is definitely there," White reaffirmed. "That’s exactly what she reminds me of. The answer is yes."…-of-mike-tyson


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Was Kelvin Gastelum forced by the UFC to fight?

Sounds like the UFC told Kelvin to fight or get cut, they werent willing to lose a co-main. Even though it’s clear he shouldent be fighting in this condition.

"Farrar, the head coach of Yuma MMA, said Gastelum "became non-responsive" and began vomiting. This was a little more than 24 hours before Gastelum was supposed to meet Tyron Woodley at UFC 183 on Saturday night at the MGM Grand. I was scared," said Farrar, a former WEC fighter. "I’ve never had an athlete do that before. That’s the long and short of it.

Farrar isn’t sure if the UFC pressured Gastelum into fighting, because he wasn’t in on those meetings. "My impression could lean toward that, but again, I didn’t hear any of the discussions," Farrar said. Farrar still doesn’t feel that great about the entire situation. The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) did clear Gastelum to compete, though, and it’s what Gastelum wants to do. "I always leave these decisions up to Kelvin," Farrar said. "I’m a coach. Of course, I’m a support system. Do I think that he’s 100 percent? I do not, no."

Dr. Johnny Benjamin:
"Hard to believe that any respectable physician cleared a fighter that required hospital care for flu this week to compete in MMA tomorrow!"…nt-100-percent


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Jose Aldo flicks over Neymar

You americans proboly wonder who Neymar is. He might be the biggest sports star in the world right now.


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‘Bad Boy’ Leonard Garcia retires, leaves enduring legacy of amazing fights

Coming the day before the sport’s three biggest promotions, the UFC, Bellator and the World Series of Fighting, all staged televised fight cards, the news hasn’t gotten all that much attention.

But featherweight Leonard Garcia’s decision to retire following a loss to Daniel Pineda at Legacy FC 37 was a stinging blow to mixed martial arts.

Garcia was never the most talented fighter, but he gave every ounce of what he had to give every time out, and he’ll be remembered as one of the most exciting fighters of his generation.

Garcia, 35, retires with a pedestrian 18-13-1 mark. In his biggest bout, he was submitted by Mike Brown via triangle choke in the first round in a bout for the World Extreme Cagefighting featherweight title.

But it’s not titles or significant wins that made Garcia so memorable. It was his desire to put on a show, a willingness to accept two punches to land one, that made him popular and makes his retirement a dark day for the sport’s fan base.

He won Fight of the Night four times in the UFC and twice in the WEC. He also had a Knockout of the Night in the WEC and his April 24, 2010, bout at WEC 48 with Chan Sung Jung, aka “The Korean Zombie,” remains high on the list of any fans’ compilation of top MMA bouts.

Garcia fought in a division with men infinitely more talented, but he made himself a name by sheer heart and desire.

The sport would be better with a lot more fighters with the fighting spirit that Garcia brought every time out to the cage.


Yoshihiro Akiyama  Gilbert Aldana  José Aldo  John Alessio  Houston Alexander

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Big news, The UFC about to get hit by a major law-suit, announcement pending tuesday

Details are scarce so far, but rumours are stating that: "the suit alleges that UFC parent company Zuffa violated antitrust laws by using its industry-leader status to cripple the free market."…it-against-ufc


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Chris Weidman injured, title defense versus Vitor Belfort at UFC 184 is off

The way things are going, the middleweight title fight between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort may never occur.

For the third time, a planned bout between the men has been postponed. Weidman suffered a rib injury in training and the UFC announced on Friday that he will be unable to defend his belt against the Brazilian slugger in the main event of UFC 184 on Feb. 28 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. (Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)The new main event will feature women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey against No. 1 contender Cat Zingano. The UFC moved the debut of former boxing champion Holly Holm into the co-main event spot against Raquel Pennington.

It’s quite a blow to the card, because a Holm-Pennington bout has nowhere near the kind of buzz that the Weidman-Belfort match did.

This is the third time one or the other of the men has pulled out of the bout. They were first supposed to fight at UFC 173 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas on May 24, 2014. But Belfort had problems with a drug test and withdrew his request for a license from the Nevada Athletic Commission.

When Belfort’s issues with the commission were settled in the summer, the UFC announced he would challenge Weidman for the belt in the main event of UFC 181 on Dec. 6 in Las Vegas. But Weidman injured a hand, forcing the postponement of the bout until Feb. 28.

Now, Weidman is out and the timetable for his return is uncertain.

The card is far less attractive without Weidman-Belfort and will test Rousey’s drawing power in her hometown.


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