If u like quality rap check out my boy Stryke


Most his stuff sound different than this but I like how he changed styles up on this track, kinda like a linkin park sorta style of rap

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Gerard Gordeau Jonathan Goulet Wilson Gouveia Jason Grace Crosley Gracie

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World Series of Fighting to Unleash One-Night, 8-Man Tournament in November

Las Vegas-based mixed martial arts promotion World Series of Fighting announced Wednesday plans to host a massive one-night, eight-man tournament that will appoint the No. 1 contender for its lightweight division.

Source: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/World-Series-of-Fighting-to-Unleash-OneNight-8Man-Tournament-in-November-93663

Forrest Griffin Tyson Griffin Karn Grigorian Karen Grigoryan Kendall Grove

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Lightweight Prospect Sage Northcutt Eyeing Quick Turnaround for Next UFC Bout

Sage Northcutt attracted a lot of attention heading into his Octagon debut, but the 19-year-old Texan was unfazed by the hype, as he made short work of Francisco Trevino at UFC 192 on Saturday night.

Source: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Lightweight-Prospect-Sage-Northcutt-Eyeing-Quick-Turnaround-for-Next-UFC-Bout-93479

Rolles Gracie Royce Gracie Royler Gracie Ryan Gracie Peter Graham

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OMG The Wire (complete series) just became available on blu-ray….

…and I just placed my order. omg

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Aldrin de Jesus  Todd Duffee  Marvin Eastman  Stav Crazy Bear Economou  Yves Edwards 

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Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock Fight Video Complete Bellator 138

Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock Fight Video Complete Bellator 138 The complete Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock Fight Video here. Please Visit Their Sponsors To show Support.

Source: http://www.mmatko.com/kimbo-slice-vs-ken-shamrock-fight-video-complete-bellator-138/

Joe Doerksen  Chris Dolman Edson Drago  Tomasz Drwal Joe Hybrid Duarte

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T.J. Dillashaw: Elevation Fight Team is paying me ‘good money’ to train there

Interested to see how this plays out. I’ve always respected fighters who stuck with their original camps after winning and losing/retiring their belts; Cain, GSP, Anderson, Aldo and especially Chuck. I mean how many championship fighters come from the "fight pit."


T.J. Dillashaw is leaving Team Alpha Male for greener pastures. Literally.

The UFC bantamweight champion said Tuesday night on Stud Radio that Elevation Fight Team will be compensating him financially for training there moving forward. It was reported by Globo earlier Tuesday that Dillashaw would be departing from Team Alpha Male for the burgeoning team in Denver, which is sponsored by MusclePharm.

"Now, Elevation Fight Team came to me and they want to pay me some good money to train with them," Dillashaw said. "They’re offering to pay me to train, instead of me paying to train. This sport is growing so much that that’s the way I feel like it should be. We’re professional athletes. I feel like I got treated better in college wrestling. I had a physical therapist on hand at all times, no matter what, when I was in college. And that’s not where MMA is at yet."

Previously, Dillashaw said he had spent time with Elevation over his last two training camps, but it became expensive. He had to rent a home and travel in between four gyms for different aspects of MMA. However, this newly renovated MusclePharm gym will have everything under one roof. Dillashaw said the facility is "state of the art" and "bad ass."

"If anybody else was in my situation, they would take the exact same deal," Dillashaw said. "This is a very short-lived career. I have to do what’s best for myself. I have to do what’s best for my career and being on top for as long as possible. I can’t fight forever. I’ve gotta fight and secure my future and decide what I’m gonna do with my life. This is a great opportunity."

Being in Colorado will also put Dillashaw in close proximity to his main coach Duane Ludwig, who is currently feuding with Team Alpha Male patriarch Urijah Faber. Dillashaw said the relationship — or lack thereof — between Ludwig and Faber has put him in a "hard place" and he feels like he’s been forced to choose.

Although Ludwig will not be a full-time member of Elevation Fight Team, he’ll still be working with Dillashaw. Ludwig told MMA Fighting on Tuesday that he will be popping into the MusclePharm gym on sparring days, but there is nothing official scheduled.

"I believe in Duane Ludwig as a coach," Dillashaw said. "I love the guy. I train with him. Me and him mesh. When you find something that works, you keep it going. Me and him see eye to eye. We train well together.

"I wish the whole thing with Duane would have worked out. I wish Duane wasn’t so hard to somewhat get along with. I get along with him well. He’s a great guy. He means very, very well. Sometimes people hit heads and things don’t really work out. I really wish it would have worked out."

Although he’s very excited about working with Elevation Fight Team, Dillashaw is not happy about leaving Team Alpha Male after six years. He said he still wants to be part of the family there and most of the squad understands his decision — "except for a couple." Dillashaw believes the outrage from fans about him leaving is silly and the whole thing has been "a bunch of bullsh*t that’s blown out of proportion."

"I wouldn’t trade that in for the world," Dillashaw said of his experience with TAM. "It’s got me to where I’m at. It’s helped me out. It’s taught me the person I am. I’ve learned so much here. The experience I’ve had here has been unreal. But when something like this comes at you, you can’t turn it down. I really don’t believe so. I believe anybody in my situation would do the same thing. And I believe it’s some of the best training in the world that I’m gonna get."

When the subject of Conor McGregor was brought up, Dillashaw laughed and joked that it was "perfect timing." McGregor is coaching opposite Faber on The Ultimate Fighter 22 on Dillashaw is on the coaching staff. On one episode, McGregor told Faber that he better watch out for Dillashaw, because he’s a "snake in the grass."

"Maybe he is able to read the future," Dillashaw said with a laugh. … "I’m just taking an opportunity that’s given to me and I’m just trying to run with it."


Source: http://www.mmaforum.com/ufc/218114-t-j-dillashaw-elevation-fight-team-paying-me-good-money-train-there.html

Josh Barnett  David Baron  Phil Baroni Don Barr Pat Barry 

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UFC Announces April 2016 Event at Madison Square Garden Despite New York MMA Ban

It seems the Ultimate Fighting Championship is tired of waiting for mixed martial arts to be legalized in New York.

Source: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/UFC-Announces-April-2016-Event-at-Madison-Square-Garden-Despite-New-York-MMA-Ban-93151

Houston Alexander Ricardo Almeida  Eddie Alvarez Thiago Alves  Andre Amade 

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Anyone ever train muay thai in Thailand?

I’m thinking about going for a month in October just for the lulz.

Anyone ever been to Thailand or trained over there?

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Keith Hackney Matt Hamill Volk Han Joachim Hansen Antoni Hardonk

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Top 5 UFC events of all time: Burt Watson reveals his list (Video)

Source: http://www.mmamania.com/2015/10/6/9436467/ufc-burt-watson-reveals-his-top-five-ufc-events-of-all-time-mma

Clay Guida Jason Guida Melvin Guillard Cody Guinn Jorge Gurgel

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zoo hypothesis

One of a number of suggestions that have been put forward to explain the fact that we have so far found no evidence for advanced extraterrestrials (see Fermi Paradox). According to this idea, alien races are taking good care to avoid making their presence known to us or exerting an influence on our development (just as the Federation in Star Trek has a strict policy of non-intervention with the less technologically sophisticated cultures they encounter). Our planet and our species, it is hypothesized, may be under close scrutiny, like the animals in a zoo, without us being aware of it. One way this monitoring could be carried out would be through automatic equipment surreptitiously located on the Earth or elsewhere in the solar system which relays back to its masters news of our progress. Only when we are sufficiently advanced, it is suggested, may we be let into the secret and inducted into the galactic society of beings capable of interstellar travel.



The Zoo Hypothesis posits that we have not detected extraterrestrial intelligences (ETIs) because they deliberately prevent us from detecting them. While a valid solution to Fermi’s Paradox, it is not particularly amenable to rigorous scientific analysis, as it implicitly assumes a great deal about the sociological structure of a plurality of civilizations. Any attempt to assess its worth must begin with its most basic assumption – that ETIs share a uniformity of motive in shielding Earth from extraterrestrial contact. This motive is often presumed to be generated by the influence of the first civilization to arrive in the Galaxy. I show that recent work on inter-arrival time analysis, while necessary, is insufficient to assess the validity of the Zoo Hypothesis (and its related variants). The finite speed of light prevents an early civilization from exerting immediate cultural influence over a later civilization if they are sufficiently distant. I show that if civilization arrival times and spatial locations are completely uncorrelated, this strictly prevents the establishment of total hegemony throughout the Galaxy. I finish by presenting similar results derived from more realistic Monte Carlo Realization (MCR) simulations (where arrival time and spatial locations are partially correlated). These also show that total hegemony is typically broken, even when the total population of civilizations remains low. The Zoo Hypothesis is therefore only justifiable on weak anthropic grounds, as it demands total hegemony established by a long-lived early civilization, which is a low probability event. In the terminology of previous studies of solutions to Fermi’s Paradox, this confirms the Zoo Hypothesis as a ‘soft’ solution. However, an important question to be resolved by future work is the extent to which many separate hegemonies are established, and to what extent this affects the Zoo Hypothesis.

Source: http://ninjashoes.net/forum/showthread.php?84770-zoo-hypothesis&goto=newpost

Spencer Fisher Jon Fitch Kenny Florian Jesse Forbes Xavier Foupa Pokam

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