Happy Bday MMAsterkillah

You’re the best poster/human on this site!

Have a great day, you deserve it!


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Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed

Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed will air tomorrow on Syfy at July 20th at 9pm Eastern. What do you think, are they bases on the moon?

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High School hotties/crushes letting themselves go?

There was this girl I went to school with from grade 5-12 and I had a crush on her since before I was even jerking off. You know when you’re a kid and you get stupid over a particular girl, to the point where you talk to her like you have down syndrome? She was that girl for me. BEAUTIFUL and she had the perfect body: nice round ass and tits that were just the right size. I never had a chance because I was the funny fat guy (aka: perpetually friend zoned by anything with a vagina) but she was the girl of my dreams. So we graduate, I see her at a few parties here and there over the next few years but she moves across the country with her boyfriend in 2006 or so and I slowly forget about her. I don’t even have her on Facebook.

So flash forward to this past Wednesday, I’m at Best Buy looking at the cameras, and this woman comes up to me all friendly, saying my name and asking if I graduated from my high school, and it’s her. And she’s MASSIVE. If she was 120 in high school, she’s at least 220 now. She has a beer belly, her tits are all saggy and she has a huge double chin that jiggles when she talks. To make things worse, she has the worst ciggy breath I’ve ever smelled.

I’ve been in a long term relationship for 6 years so I’m practically married, but I felt like a little piece of me died when I saw her. It was strangely sad and depressing, like subconsciously I felt that some day I would get to fuck her and she would look like she did in high school. I’m still kind of bummed about it and it’s been a week.

For the older gentleman and the few of you retards who actually graduated high school, have you ever had this experience or something like it?

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Jorge Masvidal-Bobby Green Lightweight Tilt Official for UFC 178 in Las Vegas

UFC on Fox 12 wound up being a very good evening for both Jorge Masvidal and Bobby Green. The two lightweights walked away with different versions of decision victories and have now been booked to fight each other.

Source: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Jorge-MasvidalBobby-Green-Lightweight-Tilt-Official-for-UFC-178-in-Las-Vegas-71269

Josh Barnett  David Baron  Phil Baroni Don Barr Pat Barry 

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What UFC champ Johny Hendricks thinks about welterweight picture, GSP (Yahoo Sports)

Johny Hendricks punches Robbie Lawler during their UFC welterweight title fight. (Getty)

Hendricks has had plenty of time to think about Georges St-Pierre and all other comers while recovering from a bicep injury.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/sports/rss/mma/SIG=13ntmgpn4/*http%3A//sports.yahoo.com/news/how-ufc-champ-johny-hendricks-feels-about-welterweight-picture–gsp-052145237-mma.html

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C-Bo – Dedication – Blocc Movement

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New Bellator President Scott Coker Trims the Fat From Roster, Cutting 21

Just a week after Bellator MMA welcomed its new president, Scott Coker, it seems as though more big changes are being made within the organization. 21 fighters have been removed from the Bellator roster, including a heavyweight tournament winner and a 2014 Summer Series Light Heavyweight quarter finalist.
The complete list of released fighters is below:
Frank Baca
Keith Berry

Nathan Coy
Isaac DeJesus
Jared Downing
Carlos Eduardo

Jason Fischer

David Gomez
Sergej Grecicho

Trey Houston
Jeremy Kimball
Nick Kirk
Anthony Lemon
Anthony Leone
Rodrigo Lima
Travis Marx
Hiroshi Nakamura
Adam Parkes

Eric Prindle
Eric Smith

Tim Welch


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Attn Squirrel and other e bay enthusiasts

I have a HUGE basketball card collection from 90-00. 100′s of Jordan’s, Kobie rookies, Tim Duncan’s Chrome rookie, Iverson rookies, shaq rookies.. 2000 finals jersey worn cards.. And everything in between. I’ve been looking them up online, and I’m wanting to get rid of most of my collection.

Three questions..how hard of a time am I going to have selling items on ebay with a zero customer service rating, is there any kind of a realistic market for these items, and should I have them graded first?

I understand I won’t be able to sell them for full Beckett value unless they’re incredibly rare, but I’m questioning if it’s worth the investment to have the higher end cards graded.

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Source: Bellator MMA Inks Dream Veteran Hideo Tokoro

Bellator MMA has added Japanese mixed martial arts veteran Hideo Tokoro to its roster, Sherdog.com has learned from a source close to the negotiations.

Source: http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Source-Bellator-MMA-Inks-Dream-Veteran-Hideo-Tokoro-71263

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I’m not a bitch like you!!!!

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